Event Chatbots – the future of event engagement

Event Chatbots and Voicebots are the latest addition to the current repertoire of event engagement tools for Event Organizers. But does the buzzword live upto its expectations or is it another fly-by-night-technology.

What are Event Chatbots ?

In layman’s language – Event Chatbots are smart algorithms that provide accurate information about the event. The technologies that power these algorithms are Machine Learning (ML) and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). These technologies provide the artificial intelligence (AI) to the event-bots and they can even be trained to have a meaningful conversation with the user (just as he would have with a real person).

This means that the Event-bots are available for 24/7 on all popular platforms like Facebook Messenger, Google, Skype, Whatsapp for providing on-demand event information.

What are the Event-bot benefits ?

On-demand Event Information – Eventbots can answer all questions related to an event 24/7 reducing the pressure on the event organiser. They also become more intelligent with every transaction, so their response becomes efficient with every interaction with the user.

For example, the event-bot can provide answers to all queries related to the event venue, registration details, exhibitor whereabouts, session details, speaker information, etc

The best thing is that the users do not have to speak in a specific manner to get the information. The eventbot understands the user question and responds intelligently.

So – “tell me about the event”, “what is the event about”, “event information please” will yield the same response!

Automation of Support tasks – Organizers can train the bots to take care of most of the support tasks so that a huge cost is saved on deploying actual resources. Thousands of users can interact with the bot at the same time and everyone is given personalised information based on their requirements.

Easy to deploy and distribute – Eventbots are simple web-links (URL’s) that can be easily distributed by emails, sms or through social media. User can just click on the link and start using the voicebot, unlike Mobile Apps that need to be downloaded first.

Multiple Conversational Interfaces (Text + Voice) – Eventbots can be built upon AI assistants like Alexa, Google or Siri to provide responses with voice commands.

Xporience deploys intelligent and engagement driven Event Chatbots and Voicebots for Events. Contact Us to get more information.

Here is a sample video of one of our event voicebot responding to voice commands -(the response is also in audio format however could not be captured from the android device).

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